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Influencing a Sale Using Your Body Language: Part 14 of 15 in Definitive Guide to Making Killer Sales Presentations


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It is a known fact that non-verbal communication contributes more to our interaction than just the words that come out of our mouths. Our overall body language and how we say what we say makes a huge difference to the end meaning of our sentences.


How we radiate confidence, make eye contact, build rapport, show relaxed, natural, open state of mind contributes to the overall effectiveness of our sales presentation.


A very interesting study by Professor Amy Cuddy, social psychologist at Harvard University studied a group of 50 people randomly assigned into two groups. One group was asked to take a set of high power poses while the other was asked to assume a set of low power poses. High power poses were more open, dominant, confident poses made to appear a person larger, open, more relaxed while the low power poses made to appear a person small, timid and closed. In the study, groups which assumed high power poses were measured to find out higher testosterone levels and lower stress hormone cortisol levels than the group which assumed low power poses which has been ultimately linked with higher levels of confidence.


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More confident people are better at closing in sales as they can just pick up their phone and call a new prospect, walk out from a deal with a low quality prospect or be less willing to give discounts in order to close a sale all of which are good indicators of sales success.
Here’s the talk which Amy gave at TED. A must watch for all sales presenters.